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Monday, May 26, 2008

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DreamHost Billing Blunder - Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair

Wed, 16 Jan 2008 16:32:24 +1100

Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair Yes. Sure. Computers often crap themselves, but problem often exists between keyboard and chair, i.e. the actual users. Around 10 minutes ago an account executive at work called as all the site customisations are gone. It turns out she explicitly clicked on the option to wipe out all the customisation and had made no back up. Now she needs to dig up old backups from October last year and try to fill in all the missing pieces.

S*** happens. Some are big s***, however, a few are bigger!

DremaHost made a huge blunder this week, when they overbilled their customers up to $7.5 million of hosting fee, and it turns out to be a PEBKAC issue as well, where its co-founder Josh Jones accidentally ran its billing software at the wrong dates. Digg reports it, and it is also on TechCrunch. In fact it is all over the news.

As a DreamHost customer, I too was hit with around $380 of charges. However fortunately it was covered (just) by the referral credit I have in my account (which I wasn’t sure how I accumulated so much) so I did not even realise I was wrongly billed until I saw their story on other web hosting related forums. Although it did no harm to me at all, I can image the losses from both DreamHost and their customers.

It is also interesting how other hosts react. Lunarpages has already blogged about their competitor’s billing fiasco, and offered a special coupon code for DreamHost refugees, possibly in response to DreamHost’s blog post with the same title. Search result for “dreamhost” on Google is still populated with $97 off discount (which is no longer valid). However don’t be surprised to see Sponsored Links filled with competitors’ ads trying to gain at DreamHost’s downfall.

Well. A simple catch on the future dates would have prevent the PEBKAC that we have here. An automated backup + a few warnings before wiping out the database would have prevent the PEBKAC that my account executive had as well.

/me back to do some more coding.

The reason for the 5 day grace period on domain registrations is to cover the customer just in case they misspell it, or decide they don’t want it.� As you can see though, this makes it very easy for scammers to play the system to their advantage.� Now these days domain name registers like GoDaddy and the like are becoming smarter to the process.� This process doesn’t really take advantage or hurt the honest users out there, it just cheats the proverbial domain name “man”.

1 gigabytes = 1,024 megabytes

Dedicated Server Hosting If Affordable Option Is Not Enough

Sat, 05 Apr 2008 03:38:08 +0000
Your website has started to grow beyond its hosting needs. You’ve had affordable web hosting, but now you need something more. You’ve looked into larger servers and more bandwidth and looked at your options carefully. After weighing your options, you have decided that a dedicated server is the best choice to meet the ...]

In addition to the expanded scope, the new terms of service also makes it much easier to obtain a 2nd level domain and greatly simplify the registration process - thereby making .Pro domains both easier to obtain and more desirable.


Mon, 19 May 2008 02:15:47 +0000

Space Start

- min. 250 MB Speicherplatz
- min. 5120 MB (5 GB) Traffic
- PHP 5 / Perl / Cgi Scriptsprache
- MySQL Datenbanken
- Subdomains
- FTP Zugang
- WebMail / WebFTP / SSI / WAP / Spamfilter
- Online Editor
- Livestatistik
- WebFTP und Datenverwaltung
- Verzeichnisschutz
- Confixx 3.x Pro
- und vieles mehr…

Aber Free Webspace ist nicht alles was wir euch Kostenlos bieten können.


- Imagehoster
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